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Discover how you can easily achieve true colour in all your photos

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Instantly correct exposure in all your digital photographs

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Dramatically improve your photos by discovering great composition tips

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Find out how a little WINE can make you a better photographer

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  • Dear Tam, I want to write to let you know how much my girlfriend enjoyed the Digital photography course. I used your downloading gift voucher system and it saved my skin - it was a last minute rush so thanks man. Please let me know what other courses or photography workshops you have coming up. Jez
  • I have been studying photography with an internet based school,however I found I gained more understanding out of a few short hours with you. Your easy, not too technical approach to Digital photography was great and being able to ask questions in person when they came to mind meant things made more sense. Offering simple formulas to get a particular type of image helped to instantly start taking great images and capturing what you see in your mind. I went out the next day having more of an idea about my camera and how to get it right than I did after many hours trawling through pages of written stuff with my internet photography course. Thanks Tam, Julie Bamback
    Julie Bamback
  • Dear Tam, Once again a huge thanks for an excellent photography course. I particularly enjoyed the second half practice outside, it was so good to put all the theory into practice and to pick your brain at the same time. You are a star. Thanks Thanks Thanks.
    I hope we meet again Mel
  • Thank you Tam for all your patience and understanding on our photography course. I continually told you that I needed time for things to sink in and you never made me feel like I was holding up anyone else. Your wealth of knowledge is amazing and I look forward to learning how to use my flash as well. Kind regards Tina
  • Tam, Thank you. Tony and I now have a much better understanding of photography and how to take full advantage of our new digital camera, which is exactly what we needed. There is a lot to take in, but your low-tech approach to breaking down the individual elements of the photography course made it so much easier. We now need to get out there and, as you drummed in, practice-practice-practice! Thanks again Tam Trude Yen - Creative Director, Studio Teto
    Trude Yen

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More about us

Who we are to you

A small family photography business, dedicated to providing affordable photography courses and workshops in and around NSW.

What we do for you

Provide you with jargon free and hands-on practical photography lessons and photography one day workshops.

The Photography Courses & Workshops include:

Beginners photography courses.

Intermediate photography courses.

One on one, private tuition, photography courses.

Flash photography courses.

Long exposure photography courses.

Special niche subject tuition, on request.

Why we do it for you

The digital era has opened up the wonderful art of photography to the masses.

Our passion for the the craft drives us to see that you get the very best from your digital camera and instantly discover how to produce amazing images, fit for your own walls.

Where we do it for you

Throughout NSW!

Although based in Lake MacQuarie NSW, our aim is to bring the photography courses and one day photography workshops to every and any town within country NSW. To ensure that your country town is recognised as a future venue be sure to drop us a line and tell us where you are.

You may even get your tuition for FREE!

Our Newcastle NSW Studio can be found below:

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Practical 40%
Theory 60%
Max Class Size 10 persons
Value for money 100%